First of all, words are really not enough to say "thank you", but thank you everyone without exception for the excellent care and accommodations you provided to my mom and my family. You all exceeded my expectations, and those of my mom and my family with such a wonderful experience in the rehab center. The loving and caring attitude from all the staff made our stay very comfortable.

We will miss you all, and again thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the love and care.

- Rafal's Family

Alta Gardens Care Center has been very good to my family and especially to my father who was a resident.

The facility specializes in Vietnamese program with many Vietnamese speaking staff. My father really appreciated the caring staff and he was able to communicate his needs to them in his language. Staff cares with genuine interest. After my father passed away, many of the staff came to the funeral service and gave their condolences. It meant a lot to our family. I was so glad to have my father spend the last of his days there.

Thank you Alta Gardens!

- D. Le

Thank you so much for your expertise and your great spirit. Working with you was terrific, and because of it i am doing very well. I am following the plan and walking without aid. The 2 weeks were invaluable and make the whole process worth it.

Thank you so much for what you do

- Sarah

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